utilizing our remote location

Coral Reefs of the Republic of the Marshall Islands

clean Islands

clean beaches

One Island - One Beach - One Year

How much trash could wash ashore in a year and what would the items be?  We have gone back after a year and were shocked by just how much trash there was.  Only one year and our beaches were littered worse than before.


1000 ft 

Coral Bleaching


Year 2

Every year we are going to return to the same 1000 square feet of reef and document the amount of coral bleaching we find.  We'll count bleached corals, take pictures, and show how the reef is changing over time


1:00 Biodiversity

We will record activity on one single coral head for one hour at the same time every year.   We record every organism we see and what they are doing in order to document biodiversity and how it is changing.



Project Updated May 2020



209 Flip Flops washed ashore

and hundreds more still to be cleaned off of just one island!

We envision a biodegradable, yet durable flip flop that can be marketed to island nations. 

Help us find the company to do it.



How can we gather information from dozens of locations around the Pacific?  We hope to gather data on water temperature, sea level, visibility, and more.  

We envision numerous small, solar-powered sensors anchored strategically across the seas.  

Help us start this.



There are so many opportunities to gather evidence of our Ocean's health and support the RMI.  We can do research alongside pros around the world.

We envision a center for research, film and media services, and ecotourism.  Here, and at other locations throughout the Pacific.

Help us make this dream become real.



Creative Minds

We need your help to make our reefs, our islands, and our waters famous.  We know that increasing the exposure of our pristine reefs will increase their value. 

This will lead to their protection.

Who We Are


Our research is designed to be simple and effective.  We are going to carry out our projects annually to gather evidence of our Ocean's health.  Read about our projects here.


One of our goals is to create partnerships!  We envision a network of researchers replicating simple research projects  to gather data.  Click here to partner with us.


We want to make a difference.  We would like to establish facilities throughout the Pacific dedicated to research.   We want to work with companies to develop sustainable solutions that reduce waste.  Read about our goals here.

we are measuring the amount of trash washing ashore our islands.  we are quantitatively analyzing coral bleaching.  We are counting fish to check biodiversity levels.  See our videos and read our blogs to learn more.

We are in the midst of beautiful coral and crystal clear waters.  We want to do research for you if you aren't in a place like this.  We want you to duplicate our projects around the globe to validate the numbers in similar spots.

A biodegradable flip flop.  A dedicated research, film, a and ecotourism facility.  Tiny globs of glass filled with probes and sensors connected to GPS and scattered throughout the world.  We have so many ideas that we can't get off the ground on our own.   Exciting stuff, if we get the help we need.  Check out our initiatives.